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Demonstration: 2020

by Persecutor

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Too Late? 00:49
Violent state we live in
 Tolerance running thin Men of office spreading hate Rules to control and placate Facist symbols on the walls Written in bold, hard to ignore Political power is at the end of a gun Minorities, always having to run Violence is the essence of society Written into law and policy A system set up to exploit and take Realisation comes when it’s too late Is it too late?
Vicarious 02:36
My waking eyes, tired of what they see Life's burning out in front of me Nothing to hope for, nothing to believe Nothing to dream for in (this) reality Tired of the slaughter, tired of the crimes Tired of the need for picket lines Sick of corruption, complacent politicians Somethings gotta change, no one will listen Tired of medication and the abuse When treatment for trauma is no use No time for healing with profits to be made Trapped in our prisons, too afraid VICARIOUS Pinned my life to the idea, we can change Open palms broken by a system of pain Broken spirit amongst the wreckage of life How can we hope when everyday horror is rife?
Marching on the streets They form their lines Western civilisation Eventual decline Nazis on the rise Despite their failed disguise (But) men with silver tongues Are the far more dangerous ones No division, only unity No revision, only abolition March on the streets No thought of retreat Your enemy is the ones holding the chains Break them down, division must not remain Colours of the world unite We must stand up and fight They appease our fears while destroying our rights Taking a cut while the whole world's set alight The regulators hands are on their batons While many are survive on rations The forests are burning so is our hate The air is poisoned and so is the state FORWARD MARCH
Persecutor 01:17
Racist, Fascists stay out of my (our) way One day soon you're gonna pay Debate has failed it's crucial part You were never oppressed from the fucking start
 DOXX ME, LYNCH ME YOU'LL NEVER HAVE YOUR VICTORY Red hat, white hood You'd wear brown shirts if you could Put a target on my back, I’ll do the same to you Persecute me, I'll persecute you 
 You complain now the target's on you You're accountable for the hate you spew PERSECUTOR!
Out Of Time 01:47
People stretched to their limit Looking for answers, never gonna get it No time for themselves, working to survive Debts are pilling, too many sleepless nights Welfare lines landing people on the street With barely enough live or eat Societies leeches bleed everyone dry No matter the cost, they're never satisfied Happiness, the opioid for consumption A productive member or a plot to be filled? A broken system, have we truely lived? The less you can afford, the more you'll pay Life charges interest, more each day Out of Time The pressures cooking us to our very bones Many cant take it (but) it’s all they've known OUT OF TIME Man I can take this anymore How can I live like this? I'm not gonna make it! Man Im so fucking tired, cant get out of bed. Fuck Im a piece of shit, how can this be it? Is this all there fucking is!? I can't look at myself, what have I become? Will I amount to anything more than I am?




released February 29, 2020

Ahmad Ruzaini - Guitar
Tyronne Gietzmann - Vocals & Lyrics
Reece Prain - Drums
Scott Wu - Bass

Recorded at Three Phase Studios & The Moose Den, 6th - 14th OCT 2019.
Recorded and Mixed by Marcel "Moose" Cuthbertson
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, 2019


all rights reserved



Persecutor Melbourne, Australia

Fast Hardcore Punk by International Punx.


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